Why Freedom HealthShare™?

The modern medical cost sharing movement was developed by a small band of Faith-Based people to practically demonstrate how to ‘bear one another’s burdens’. The tradition of health cost sharing has been practiced for decades by Faith-Based communities  such as the Amish-Mennonite. However, in the early 1980’s, an incident occurred that spilled the tradition beyond the Anabaptist world. A pastor in Ohio had a tragic auto accident and those who knew of his ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts came to his aid. Within 45 days all his medical bills were paid in full because of the compassion and caring of fellow Faith-Based people. That pastor went on to begin the first health cost sharing ministry of its kind in modern times. Freedom HealthShare™ now makes cost sharing better, more reliable, and easier because of its affiliated administrator's web based technology. Freedom follows the tradition of making faith-based health cost sharing affordable and available to all that qualify and want healthcare for themselves or their family.  Freedom HealthShare™ is not insurance.  It is comprised of health conscious people who share medical costs, making healthcare affordable together. 
United HealthShare™ is a charitable ministry that facilitates the Freedom HealthShare. Its mission is the spiritial alignment of Judeo-Christian values with that of an individual's responsibility for their wellbeing.
You have a choice! The healthsharing ministry is exempt from the rules and regulations under ACA because it is not insurance. 
Exempt from Affordable Care Act
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What is Health Sharing?

Claiming the exemption from the personal mandate:  As a member of a Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) i.e. Freedom HealthShare, you can claim an exemption when you file your tax return by attaching Form 8965, Health Coverage Exemptions. As of 1/1/19 there is no longer a mandate.
Healthcare is expensive. Even the cheapest Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans are unafordable unless you qualify for a government subsidy, and most Americans are being priced out of the market for individual insurance. In fact, the average increase for insurance programs sold on the exchange in 2017 was 36.8 percent; and in 2018 projected to be another 45% or higher with no end in sight. A 2017 study found that United States residents in 47 out of 50 cities can't afford the cheapest ACA plan!
DISCLAIMER: This program is not an insurance company or product. Freedom HealthShare™ is recognized sharing ministry. Freedom HealthShare™ does not guarantee or promise that your medical bills will be paid. Sharing members' medical contribution amounts are not assignable by any member to any provider. Member sharing is totally voluntary. As such, this program should never be considered as a substitute for an insurance policy. Whether you receive payment for medical expenses and whether or not this program continues to operate, you may be liable for any unpaid bills or for amounts that exceed a negotiated allowed amount and/or a PPO agreement amount for services outside of the PPO network. For ease of understanding the term Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) will be used in place of the word "deductible" in the Sharing Guidelines. ‎ HealthSharing Services LLC DBA Freedom HealthShare™ Services administers the Ministry programs.