Do I Qualify?

Qualifying to be part of Freedom HealthShare™ involves living a life according to our Shared Values. You qualify if you:

We are a community who live by religious principles. Our members:

  • Share one another's burdens
  • Believe that our body is a temple
  • Do not use tobacco products
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess
  • Eat foods that nourish your body not harm it
  • Exercise regularly
  • Worship regularly with others
  • Don't use tobacco (nicotine) in any form
  • Don’t abuse alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle
  • And agree with our Shared Values.
DISCLAIMER: This program is not an insurance company or product. Freedom HealthShare™ is recognized sharing ministry. Freedom HealthShare™ does not guarantee or promise that your medical bills will be paid. Sharing members' medical contribution amounts are not assignable by any member to any provider. Member sharing is totally voluntary. As such, this program should never be considered as a substitute for an insurance policy. Whether you receive payment for medical expenses and whether or not this program continues to operate, you may be liable for any unpaid bills or for amounts that exceed a negotiated allowed amount and/or a PPO agreement amount for services outside of the PPO network. For ease of understanding the term Annual Unshared Amount (AUA) will be used in place of the word "deductible" in the  Sharing Guidelines. ‎ HealthSharing Services LLC DBA Freedom HealthShare™ Services administers the Ministry programs.