Freedom Health Coaching

Freedom Health Coaching is for members of Freedom HealthShare™ who qualify for our medical cost sharing program but have certain health conditions that can be improved through lifestyle and behavior changes. Freedom Health Coaching helps members improve their health and wellbeing by adopting health behaviors that may prevent or delay the onset of costly chronic health conditions.
Health Coaching is designed to help individuals with diagnoses such as: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, back pain, and tobacco (nicotine) users, who will actively participate on a path towards a healthier life.
Freedom Certified Health Coaches help members:  
Members are identified for Health Coaching based on predetermined clinical parameters from the initial member sharing enrollment questionnaire. Once identified, members will receive an e-mail with access to the Health Coaching scheduler to schedule their first appointment with a certified health coach. You can also come back to this site and click on "Shedule Coaching Appointment" link displayed below.
Members will be asked to complete an election form and release of information in order to work with a coach. A health coach will work with members (includes dependents) to develop a personal plan for achieving health goals related to identified health risk factors and/or clinical diagnosis. The number of health coaching encounters will be based on the level of the member’s health risk.
  • Sets short- and long-term goals.
  • Sets action plans and monitors progress.
  • Develops personalized strategies to utilize a person’s strengths as a way to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Provides tools and educational resources.
NOTE: Health Coaching members incur an additional fee of $65 per member per month specifically for health coaching (so if two members of a family need health coaching then there will be two $65 dollar per month charges incurred) in addition to the Monthly Share Amount. Once goals are achieved or health status is improved, the additional fee of $65 per month may be removed from the Sharing Member’s account. Health Coaching is NOT part of the Medical Cost Sharing Program and the additional fee of $65 a month must be paid by the member enrolled. 
Enrolling in Health Coaching signifies a commitment to making lifestyle and behavior changes that will benefit a member’s total wellbeing. Members who are identified and receive a Health Coaching invitation MUST enroll or will NOT be allowed to participate in the Freedom HealthShare™ sharing program. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more details about Health Coaching.