How It Works

Step 1. Contribution

Our technology is unique and will benefit you and your provider because we use a web-based billing system. Read the Provider Brochure on the Member Portal to understand how this process works. The Point-of-Service payment system reduces doctors’ billing costs while providing you with a better deal. Our advanced payment system allows for the automatic transfer of other member’s Sharing Amounts (Member “Sharebox”) contributions directly into your Sharebox for allowed and eligible medical expenses. Multiple members do the same, and funds are allocated to pay the shared bills. All amounts are tracked so that a member can see where their Sharing Amounts have been allocated.
Freedom HealthShare™ has the experience, expertise and technology to effectively administer a successful cost-sharing program. Through Freedom HealthShare™, the opportunity to share medical expenses is open to anyone who subscribes to our Shared Values. When you have a medical incident, fellow members are committed to supporting you and sharing your costs.  Your Member Web Portal will provide access to your personal and secure account that allows for full transparency of online payments, billing, sharing and other aspects of your healthcare sharing account.
Your body and your overall health and wellbeing are your responsibility. Your good health habits and behaviors make up the responsibility you abide by in our Shared Values. If you need support to improve your health, you can enroll in Freedom Health Coaching and work directly with a certified health coach who will help you achieve your short and long-term wellbeing goals.
It is your responsibility to show your member ID card and the Provider Brochure and any other pertinent health sharing information when you go to a medical provider.

Everyone's monthly “Sharebox" amount is automatically transferred from your checking account along with a seperate adminstrative fee. The medical sharing amount is placed into your personal "Sharebox" until it is matched to another member's eligible bills. Access to your personal “Sharebox” is completely secure and confidential on the Member Portal.
You and your doctor will receive an Explanation of Sharing in your personal Member Portal to confirm payment for services.

Step 2. Live Healthy

Step 3. Work with Your Doctor

Step 4. Submit and Process

Step 5. Confirmation